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Larger Deliveries
Expand your territory by being
able to deliver more food farther
without sacrificing quality.
Fewer vehicles and drivers means
less fuel and overhead. These cost
savings and increased revenues
make Hotshot a clearer choice
for any size operation.

Customized Vehicles
Our ability to customize vehicles
ranges from small autos, pickup
trucks, vans, large panel trucks with
full working kitchens to industrial
size food delivery trucks. Special
racks and temperature controls
can accommodate hot, cold and
frozen in the same vehicle.
"Expand Your Territory and Increase Your Profits"
Increase Your Profits
Delivering hot, cold and frozen foods
at health department regulated
temperatures allows you the option
to go and grow as far as you want.
Opening a new storefront can be
costly and time is needed to show
a profit. Expanding your territory
through temperature controlled
delivery vehicles adds instant
profit for a fraction of the cost.

Fast Food
Meals On Wheels
School Food Services
Contract Services

Our Systems Are Customized To Your Delivery Requirements

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